Our Story


Founded in 2013 by Robert Kowalczyk, ManOwar represents a fusion of two life-long passions. Growing up fishing the Indian River Lagoon and the offshore reefs of the Florida Atlantic Coast, and the Bahamas Robert’s love and respect for angling was instilled at an early age.  As an adult, Robert’s focus turned to tennis, playing competitively for UC Berkeley, competing on the ATP Men's Pro Tour, and ultimately becoming a professional tennis instructor. It was his passion for tennis that ultimately exposed Robert to the carbon-based materials used to create high performance tennis racquets. Always in search of the perfect fishing rod, Robert knew that the materials used to manufacture tennis racquets could be incorporated into a rod blank.  Blending the carbon fibers commonly used in tennis racquets with a proprietary fiber, Robert was able to create a rod that would deliver exceptional responsiveness and remarkable durability.  By employing precise strength and durability standards, Robert was effectively able to create a rod that would provide anglers with the technology needed to catch the "BIG ONE" and this is how ManOwar Fishing Co. started.

Evolving to what is now ManOwar Fishing Co., we have created a company that's mission is to create quality fishing products.  With our new patent pending knives and high performance tools we are extremely proud to bring a new quality products to market and will continue to bring new products to market.  We welcome all feedback regarding the performance of our products and would love to hear about your next “catch” using our products.  Email us and send us your pictures at info@Manowarfishing.com